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Antropoloji konusunda kaynak bulmak çok zor olduğu için gerçek anlamda bilimsel bilgi içeren...

Posted by Gür Alp on 1 Haziran 2015 Pazartesi

20 Nisan 2013 Cumartesi

Yapışık ikizlerin ayırma ameliyatı - video

Yapışık ikizlerin ayırma ameliyatı

The astonishing story of two twins, conjoined heads. Find out about the operation, which should separate them.

Ahmed and Mohamed Ibrahim were born with fused crown of the head, so the boys can not stand, but are shut-in lifestyle. However, they are healthy. The brothers shared blood vessels and a small part of the brain, so that the operation, according to experts, will be no less difficult. However, doctors hope for a good outcome, kids and parents see no other way out.

Conjoined twins are born approximately every 2.5 million cases of births. And the girls born fused three times more than the boys. The first case of conjoined twins birth was recorded in Armenia in 945. However, the very term "Siamese twins" appeared only in the nineteenth century when the Thais were born (then his subjects of the kingdom of Siam) and Ieng Chang. The first successful operation to separate conjoined twins was performed in Germany in 1689. Since the 1950s, the world had been more than 200 such operations, about 75% of separated twins survived.

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