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Antropoloji konusunda kaynak bulmak çok zor olduğu için gerçek anlamda bilimsel bilgi içeren...

Posted by Gür Alp on 1 Haziran 2015 Pazartesi

30 Haziran 2012 Cumartesi

Yüzlerce Zehirli Bullet Karıncaları ile inanılmaz bir Ritual

Yüzlerce Zehirli Bullet Karıncaları ile inanılmaz bir Ritual Elini keseye sokunca, vurulma gibi hissediyor bunları, çünkü bu karıncalar mermi karıncalar denir. Zehir ile tamamen elleri SİYAH  ve karıncalar bir defadan fazla, ya da iki kez, hatta beş kez bunu yapmak zorunda ...

Deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon lives the Satere-Mawe tribe. To become a man in the Satere-Mawe, a boy must stick his hand in a glove woven with bullet ants and withstand their stings for over 10 minutes without making a noise.

According to the Schmidt Sting Index, the bullet ant has the most painful sting in the ant world. It’s described as “waves of throbbing, all consuming pain” that continues for over 24 hours. In fact, the locals call the ant, hormiga venticuatro because the pain from the sting lasts 24 hours.

Now if the sting from one bullet ant is that painful, imagine the pain you’d experience if you put on a glove made entirely of pissed-off bullet ants.

To make the glove, the tribesmen will knock out the bullet ants with a natural sedative. While the ants are docile, the elders proceed to make their torture device by weaving the ants into a glove made of leaves with the ants’ stingers facing inwards.

When the ants regain consciousness, the boys put on the gloves and face 10 minutes of pure, unadulterated hell. The copious amounts of venom the boy receives during the ordeal will temporarily paralyze his arm and leave him shaking uncontrollably for days.

This isn’t a one-time deal, either. A young boy may have to stick his hand in the bullet ant glove several more times before he’s considered a man. Each time he experiences the ordeal, the object is to remain as quiet as possible. It’s a test of manly endurance and stoicism that’s necessary to be effective warriors for the tribe.

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